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George Por
Visiting Researcher, London School of Economics
Founder and Chairman, CommunityIntelligence Ltd.


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What is an underlying question that gives form to your work or interest in this field?

How best to facilitate the emergence of evolutionary consciousness in organizations and communities, as a guidance system shaped by networks of connected conversations about questions that matter.

Why do we need evolutionary consciousness? Because that’s what it takes to meet today’s towering challenges, and steward the renewal of organizations in higher levels of differentiation and integration, freedom and response-ability.

What is your personal experience of collective wisdom in groups?

12 years ago, I met two wise teachers in the Earth Wisdom tradition, RainbowHawk and WindEagle. Studying with them, I discovered the power of paying attention in a circle of humans, walking in balance and beauty, and the collective wisdom that can be reached when members of a community share practices of self-knowledge and self-transformation, inspired by generative patterns of wholeness found in Mother Nature.

I wrote about a more recent experience and glimpse of collective wisdom in my blog entry about “intersubjective enlightenment”.

I feel also nourished by the virtually collective intelligence of the thousands of online networkers I met over the years in cyberspace. The double portrait on the top of the page symbolizes the synergy of the carbon-based and digital, silicon-based selves.

What is it about the work in this field that excites you and connects you to your own deepest self?

The self is deepest and highest where it meets the evolutionary impulse, the urge embedded in life to evolve toward “higher and higher expressions of harmony and integration.” — Andrew Cohen

What connects me with it is my intent to co-evolve with you all, discover and realize my/our interdependent highest potential, for the sake of today’s and future generations. I exist because you evolve, and vice versa.

I feel particularly inspired by opportunities to midwife the passage from a community of learners to a community that learns, from a collection of intelligences to collective intelligence.

Please provide a brief storyline or snapshot of what brought you to this work.

I've been a student and catalyst/facilitator of collective intelligence in most of my adult life, from the student movement of the 60's and the human potential groups of the 70's to the first virtual communities of the 80's and the organizational learning/transformation movement of the 90's.

The different phases and facets of my journey have been inspired by a possibility expressed in the vision of CommunityIntelligence, that I’m committed to help turning into reality: A world in which people's capacity to reach their full potential is strengthened by all human organizations. A world that makes obsolete the alienating division of work and life. A world in which work as creative self-expression ceases to be the privilege of the few.

On my discovery journey, I met many remarkable women and men who became my teachers/mentors and friends. I’m lucky to count among them Arian Ward, Bill Veltrop, Charles Savage, Colin Macklin, David Isaacs, David Marsing, Doug Engelbart, Etienne Wenger, FireHawk, Hubert Saint-Onge, Jean-François Noubel, Joel & Michelle Levey, Juanita Brown, Lisa Kimball, Mike McMaster, Mike and Patricia Bell, Pele Rouge, Pierre Levy, RainbowHawk, Tom Atlee, and WindEagle.

How would you like to be available to others in this field?

What makes me the most enthused is interesting opportunities to form learning partnerships for discovering how to combine our talents for reaching our highest aspirations, individually and collectively.

I’d be particularly interested to learn with change agents who work with/in organizations AND are actively engaged in 3 levels of transformation: personal, business, and social. If you’re one of them and interested in the following domains of learning that I feel particularly attracted to at this time, please send me a message.

1. What is the role of corporations in the evolution of collective intelligence, consciousness and wisdom, at the level of the enterprise, a region, or humankind?

2. Why and how are communities of practice—free associations of people who share a passion for the common domain of what they do and strive to become better practitioners—moving in the center of value-creation in knowledge-based economies? How will that affect knowledge, innovation, HR, and strategic management, and how to prepare for that?

3. What competence do leaders need to develop or enhance to inspire and guide organizations as constellations of communities?

4. How to be an effective catalyst for the self-organization of teams/networks of people engaged in researching and facilitating the various facets and enabling conditions of collective intelligence and wisdom?

My primary contribution to this field is in designing and facilitating methods for boosting collective intelligence in geographically dispersed teams, communities, and organizations. I’ve been doing that work for two decades, building on combinations of a broad range of approaches that I found valuable, including: action research, appreciative inquiry, the art of questions, Bohmian dialogue, boostraping collective IQ (Doug Engelbart), Complex Adaptive Systems, contemplative practices, knowledge ecology, organizational learning, pattern language, “social capital” and “social hole” theories, systems thinking, and WorldCafé.

Examples of my contributions include building frameworks, models, methods and process tools. For instance: CI Innovation Architecture™, Community Design Architecture™, Double Helices of Organizational Evolution, Evolutionary Fitness Wheel, Knowledge Ecology, and Learning Expedition.

I have just finished writing “Liberating the Innovation Value of Communities of Practice" a chapter that will be published in a book on “Emerging Principles, Practices and Policies of Knowledge Economics," early next year. If you want to receive a pre-publication copy let me know.

I am delighted and passionate about living in an evolutionary jump time, when we have a chance to co-create the next civilization that is already germinating in so many seed patterns of our emerging planetary reality. I offer to be a resource to evolutionary leaders who want to nurture those seeds while helping their organizations thrive in this gateway decade of the new century.

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